hogtied review
Impressive, all-original, and one of the largest if not the largest rope bondage pay site, Hogtied is the perfect sample of how high-quality BDSM site should looks like. Actualy, even the owner doesn't know how many updates it has, when I asked him he told me countless :) cause Hogtied is online since 1997! Visit updates to see how many sexy women decide to go through excruciating bondage. The quality of full-length movies (20-40 minutes long each) is awesome, and the action is hot!
Even if you are not info BDSM, Hogtied is the fetish site that not to be missed!
devicebondage review
Brutal and creative rigger Cyd Black, the Webmaster of DeviceBondage loves putting submissive hotties in unbearably stressful bondage positions far beyond their limits. Unlike many other light-BDSM sites, this one is pure hardcore. Pain, tortures and pleasure - all are intense, almost extreme. Instead of ropes, pretty painsluts are bound by Medieval tortute devices like neck and wrist spreaders, Spanish stirrups, spider gags, spiked shock dildos which were used by Inquisition.
Watch the review of hard bondage site, where no one pain slut begs for more!
infernalrestraints review
BondageReviews proudly presents the best bondage site we've ever seen - InfernalRestraints! Not only because these guys built many unique metal cuffs and wooden restraints, reconstructed the most effective Medieval steel cages and the Inquisition's torturous machines, but because their bondage is one of the most difficult, one of the hardest and one of the most fascinating! The guys who run Infernal Restraints are rare BDSM enthusiasts and so do their models: although not all of them look like sex bombs, they have a clear interest into bondage.
If you prefer creative hardcore bondage click here for Infernal Restraints review!
waterbondage review
If you think waterbondage is about nice-lookin' girls wrapped softly at beautiful outdoor locations like deserted sandy beaches and hung strangers save them from the ropes and they are kissing and so on i have great news for you: look at the pic! Yeah, right. Submissive dolls get bound or restrained, sprayed with cold water and dunked into big fish tanks until they can't breathe. All this happens in a scared underground dungeon, where nobody hears your loudest cries.
Watch the review of unique water breath tortures and underwater bondage!
hardtied review
Hardtied is a PD's creature, no need to say more! Hardtied is a premier site for authentic sensual bondage when the rigger carefully orchestrates submissive's pain, discomfort and excitement of bondage. The site is updated weekly with the new exciting, high quality pictures and videos (divided into clips by your choice) and operated by the top producers of original and creatively shot BDSM content. Many of bondage instruments are unique and seemingly homemade.
One of the top, one of the extremely impressive bondage sites is worth to visit!
societysm review
Started in 2004 and redesigned recently, societysm is well done. All the models are very attractive, some of them are unbelievable actresses :) Although there are some penetration and blowjob scenes, it focuses on classic soft-core bondage with naked gagged women and clothed riggers subjecting helpless girls to flogging, whipping, tit clamping and forced orgasms. Videos are shown at resolution 640x480 in both RealPlayer and WMV formats, but bit rate is 529kbps.
Watch the reviewed fan favorite Bondage California Company contract slaves!