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It was enough to see the two Afghans, one atop the other, ass-fucking. One lay face down on the bed, his ass pushed up by a pillow under his hips. The other sprawled against him, his cock deep inside, almost pulling his fuck-pole free before burying it deep. Chu shouted in the only Pashto he knew “US Army ? you are arrested!”

As the fuckers disengaged, their faces came into the spotlight of Chu’s M-16 mounted flashlight. The battle- hardened private’s jaw dropped ? his two captives were indistinguishable. The horny fornicators were identical twins. His already stiff cock swelled in his combats, slipping free from the confines of his briefs. He gestured the naked twinks to stand against the wall, arms up and legs spread. They were clean shaven with short black hair, fit bodies from farm labor, smooth except the dense dark hair around their pubes.

From the next room his sergeant brought the other detainee, hands restrained behind his back. The prisoner’s face, even with its tightly cropped beard, was similar enough to the twins to mark him as the older brother. He was shirtless, clad only in partoog, the baggy cotton trousers worn in Afghanistan. Like his younger twin brothers his body was fit, but more muscular, with a trail of black hair leading from a furry patch on his chest down into his pants.

He audibly inhaled in shock as he saw his younger brothers standing naked against the wall, their swollen cocks jutting away from their body: one twin’s cock was slick and lubed; the other twin’s ass pink from the pounding interrupted by the Americans’ raid. Their bodies were witness to their older brother of what they’d been doing with each other.

Willsen pushed the older brother face first against the wall beside his brothers. The sergeant had an ID card he had found. He peered at it. “Who-came,” he said, and looked at the man. No response. He grabbed his hair, and turned his head to look at the card in his hand.

“Who-came?” he repeated, waving the card.

The man understood. “Hukam,” he said, pronouncing his name.

Rufus grunted. He slapped the ass of the twin beside Hukam to get his attention, and pointed at his brother saying, “Hukam,” and then pointed at him, with eyebrows raised.
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